Registrations start: 31st October, 2021 | Registrations close: 30th November 2021

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Bahrain’s leading telecom provider, Batelco is proud to host the Batelco Cup featuring the biggest football video game in the world.

This 1v1 tournament gives fans in Bahrain the opportunity to show off their gaming skills and chance to win different and exciting prizes.

Register via the Batelco Ultima package today with D11 gaming to participate.

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*Whitelisted Games

 Pubg Mobile,  Fortnite,  Clash of Clans,  Free Fire,  Call of Duty Mobile,  FIFA 21,  SimCity,  Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,  Brawl Stars,  Twitch* 

 Pubg Mobile,  Fortnite,  Clash of Clans,  Free Fire,  Call of Duty Mobile,  FIFA 21,  SimCity,  Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,  Brawl Stars,  Twitch* 

 Pubg Mobile,  Fortnite,  Clash of Clans,  Free Fire,  Call of Duty Mobile,  FIFA 21,  SimCity,  Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,  Brawl Stars,  Twitch* 

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Event Information


Register today as the deadline is fast approaching!

  • Event Start Date: 2nd December, 2021
  • Registrations Close: 30th November 2021
  • Schedule will be confirmed after Registration Closes
  • Brackets will be finalized at Event Start Time


  • A tournament comprising of up to 1024 players.
  • There will be a total of 7 rounds.


  • Players will play over the course of 6 days, 7 rounds total.




Week 1 Day 1
2nd December, 2021
Round 1
Week 1 Day 2
3rd December, 2021
Round 2
Week 1 Day 3
4th December, 2021
Round 3
Week 2 Day 1
9th December, 2021
Round 4
Week 2 Day 2
10th December, 2021
Round 5
Week 2 Day 3
11th December, 2021
Round 6
Grand Finals



Prize List



Latest “High-End” Mobile Device


PS5 Standard


Cougar ARMOR-S Chair


BD50 Batelco Voucher


These rules are consistent with Regular Platform Rules. There will be a stricter enforcement undertaken by the admins.


  • All participants must join Discord and be active on Discord during the hour of match time.
  • Failure to submit Scores within 30 minutes will lead to disqualification.
  • 15 minutes to start game, if your opponent does not show by the 15-minute mark, submit a screenshot of your friend request sent.
  • If both players submit no-show screenshots, Admins intervene on Discord.
  • Match lobby responsibilities fall on the Team A.
  • If incorrect settings are used and the game has started, disqualify Team A.

How to Register

  • Sign up with link account.
  • Get the confirmation.
  • Create the team.
  • Join the event.

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